The following terms and conditions apply to the sale of all goods and services by Little Acorn Country Interiors to our customers. They exclude any other terms applied to a purchase, an order or any other document. Any order made by a customer will assume their agreement with these terms and conditions. The acceptance of the delivery of all goods or services will be seen as agreement by the customer to our terms and conditions. Any alterations to these conditions will only be relevant if agreed by an authorised Little Acorn Country Interiors employee in writing. 


An order will be deemed to have been placed upon receipt of full payment for an individual item. On the rare occasion, which has not yet happened, that a piece of furniture is sold to two different customers at the same time, we will provide a full refund on the item, and offer a discount on a future purchase.


We accept payment for items by BACs, cheque or in cash.

Cleared payment in full for all items must be made in advance of us arranging the delivery or collection of each piece of furniture or service that we supply.

We will start bespoke painting work once payment has been received in full for all items to be painted.


All listed prices exclude delivery which is fulfilled by one of our regular delivery companies. The delivery price is quoted separately at the checkout dependent on each customers delivery destination, the number of items a customer has purchased and the size of these items. Deliveries are normally made within 2- 6 weeks of the order being completed. All customers must inspect delivered item(s) and sign a delivery note to say that the item(s) are in ‘as expected’ condition. The driver is allocated a 20 minute loading / unloading time of which it is expected for the recipient to remove any packaging and inspect the goods to ensure there is no damage. In the event of damage to the goods, all recipients must describe the damage on the paperwork and immediately call Little Acorn Country Interiors and then the number for the courier, which we will provide. Once items are accepted & signed for we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever. Signing for items as “unchecked” is not acceptable and in cases where the recipient does not have the time or refuses to check the item, they are then deemed as accepting the delivery.


Any and all damages must be notified as soon as the goods have been checked. Any claims made after the driver has obtained a signature and has left the recipients address will not be covered for damage of any kind.

Customers must make themselves available for delivery and will incur storage costs if they can't make themselves available on the day we have specified for delivery or do not reply to us, causing them to miss the delivery slot. Storage costs will be charged at a rate of £10 per day from the day we first proposed delivery to the next available date of delivery that we propose (often 1-2 weeks afterwards). This isn't a punitive measure. Our delivery costs are based on economy delivery where the customer makes themselves available for delivery on a particular date. Where a customer tries to arrange a different date, we then have to store these items longer, at cost to ourselves. Customers will also be charged for both the return journey of the goods and then for re-delivery.



As the majority of our goods are painted to order, we are unable to offer returns on many of our items. Please contact us before purchase to find out whether the item you are buying has been painted to order or not. Please note that we often have a number of each item in stock and we prefer to keep a finished version in our showroom, so quite often your item will have been painted to order.

We do accept returns of goods which have been significantly misdescribed and which we can not rectify. (eg. described as coming with 6 chairs, but actually comes with 4).


With items that we have specified can be returned, we need notification of this, in writing, within 7 days of arrival and you will be liable for all courier fees and a 25% restocking charge to cover banking, storage, admin, packaging and web site management fees which remain payable by us. You will also be liable for any damage to the item that has occurred since arriving at your premises. To minimise confusion we provide lots of photos and an honest description of each product on our listings, and we only work with tried and trusted couriers. You must also return or organise return of the item to us within 7 days. A refund will only be issued when the returned item is in our possession.


We are unable to offer returns on personalised or bespoke goods. These include handmade goods to order and furniture painted to order, which the majority of our items are. Please contact us to find out whether an item of furniture is painted to order or ready in our showroom.

We are also unable to offer refunds on items of furniture that have been stored for longer than a week after purchase.

Non Acceptance of Goods

Customers are liable for all fees in relation to the return of products that the customer wishes to reject or refuses to accept. A customer will also be liable for any damage to products in their possession or during the return transit to our warehouse. Please call us if you would like clarification on any of these points.


We will accept cancellations on non-personalised goods made within 24 hours of the order being placed but you will be charged 6% of the purchase price to cover our banking and web site management fees. Courier costs will remain liable even upon cancellation of the order. 



Ownership of products passes to the purchaser upon their acceptance of delivery, or if they are collecting, at the time they, or their couriers take possession of the order at our site and begin loading.


Product Quality
Please be aware that although we strive to maintain high quality and standards, due to the nature of our products, most are antique or second hand, they may show signs of wear and tear. Similarly the wooden materials most pieces have been made from do not always act in a uniform way. Some of our painting process aim to replicate the ageing and wear of individual pieces, so please bear this in mind. We use water based paints for most of our furniture, and in some cases untreated wooden surfaces will be oiled.


Shabby chic furniture is furniture that is not supposed to be perfect. There may be scratches, chips, dents and marks in the wood or underneath the paintwork. Drawers and doors may be stiff or loose and may not sit perfectly. Doors and tabletops may be warped with age. Repairs may have been carried out either by ourselves or by previous owners. There may be splits or marks in the wood. Wood grain may not be uniform. Table legs and chair legs may be loose. This is the nature of shabby chic furniture and by purchasing from ourselves you are accepting that the item of furniture will have wear and tear and could have imperfections which may include ones listed in the non-exhaustive list above.


Also, items that have been painted to order may have drip marks, colour variations, brush marks or unpainted areas. This is the nature of painted shabby chic furniture and by purchasing from us you are accepting that they have been hand painted and may have the above.


Designs of items for bespoke orders may vary slightly. We will not inform customers of every slight change unless it materially alters the item so as to look or function completely differently from the original advertised item. Please contact us for further information on each individual piece if this is of particular concern. Slight variations should be expected.


Bespoke made-to-order items that are made from any type of wood will naturally have marks, knots or knot holes or splits in the wood. Wood is a natural product and this is part of its character.


Sizes for bespoke made-to-measure items are always approximate. Due to items being handmade, sizes may be slightly larger or smaller than those dimensions orignally given. If this will be a particular problem, please contact before purchase so that we can endeavour to make items as close to the dimensions as possible.


Please contact us if you would like any more information on individual pieces.


We provide approximate details for all of the relevant sizes of our items of furniture but it is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that the item will fit into the desired space and that access is possible. Doorways and staircases can create impassable obstacles for an undamaged arrival. Please make sure that you have carefully measured the final location and access route for your piece of furniture. We are very happy to clarify any measurements for each individual item.

We can not offer refunds on items that do not fit or that cannot be transported to the desired location. We also use sizes to reflect the delivery and painting cost of individual pieces but this in no way reflects a detailed measurement of their actual size.


Items of furniture must be collected within a week of purchase or notification of completion or by a latest date agreed upon before purchase. We will charge storage fees of £10 per day after this. Once storage fees amount to the purchase price, the item will be seized by us in payment for storage and no refund will be issued.


Our liability for products that we have sold shall not exceed the value of the individual product as paid by the purchaser, and our description of an individual product does not imply any quality or fitness for purpose.

A customer will indemnify Little Acorn Country Interiors against personal injury, or loss or damage to property brought by third parties claims unless the claim is a direct result of Little Acorn Country Interiors' negligence

Unusual Circumstances
In the event of a major event such as, but not limited to fire, riot, war, or an act of god we reserve the right to amend or cancel our agreement without liability for any loss or damage caused. Hopefully, none of these terrible things will happen.


No VAT is payable in the purchase price. Little Acorn Country Interiors is not yet registered for VAT.

Governing Law
These terms and conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales



All collections must be at a pre-arranged time within our collection hours (Monday - Friday between 10am - 4pm). Collections where a pre-arranged date and time has not arranged are liable to be refused.



We require a minimum of two day's notice for collections to ensure that the item is at our main site.


Couriers must give us a two hour collection window and supply their own wrapping and packaging materials. We do not bubble wrap items which are collected by customers or third party couriers so that the item can be clearly seen on collection.


Please ensure that your items of furniture will be fully insured by your chosen courier as we can not be held responsible for any damage caused by third party couriers once the item of furniture has left our premises. 


A collection note must be signed for all collections. If you nominate a courier to collect and sign on your behalf, the responsibility lies with yourself to ensure the courier is aware he must check the item/s before signing.


If you are collecting the item yourself, please be sure that the piece will fit into your vehicle, as any damage to items during loading will be your responsibility.



We will be happy to give help when loading items for both customers and third party couriers but please note this is at your own risk. By accepting assistance when loading, couriers and customers take full responsibility for any damage which may occur to the item.


All items must be collected within a week of purchase, notification of completion for bespoke items or by an agreed date. Collections after this will be subject to storage charges of £10 per day. This is in order to keep our prices as low as possible as we rely on space in order to bring out new products for sale.